Massachusetts is reported to be the most LGBT-inclusive USA state


The report, State LGBT+ Business Climate Index, was published by Out Leadership and “seeks to help C-Suite leaders” understand “why discrimination against LGBT+ people negatively impacts their ability to do business.” Massachusetts came out top with a score of 90 out of 100, beating states that are vocally proclaiming themselves to be perfect for LGBT tourists and locals, such as the number 2, California. The research used measures including legal and nondiscrimination protections, supporting queer youth, religious aspect, politics etc. The 10 worst states for LGBT inclusion were West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina and Mississippi, which scored just 31 points. Mississippi scored poorly across all measures except “food insecurity differential,” meaning that if people experience the lack of food, then their sexuality or gender identity does not influence on it – LGBT+ people suffer from it no more and no less than straight cis Mississippians


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