Meghan McCain’s husband apologized for offending Seth Meyers


Meghan McCain’s husband Ben Domenech has apologized for writing a series of offensive tweets addressed to the host who interviewed his wife last week. Domenech was enraged at the way Meyers questioned McCain on recent statements she made on The View about congresswoman Ilhan Omar, whom she linked to a rise in anti-semitic rhetoric while discussing the recent synagogue shooting in California. The exchange got heated as McCain asked Meyers if he worked as Omar’s publicist, and he suggested that those asking the congresswoman to be careful about her language should watch themselves first. Domenech, founder of the conservative website The Federalist, angrily reacted at the exchange and suggested Meyers only got his job because he had a sexual encounter with the SNL and Late Night creator. And by the way, he is a man. And now he issued an apology: “I love my wife. I apologize for rage tweeting about how Seth Meyers treated her. I don’t like him, I think he’s a hack, but I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry to anyone I offended.”


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