Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher practiced on Bohemian Rhapsody


Dexter Fletcher has revealed that he took over directing duties from Bryan Singer on Bohemian Rhapsody just because he wanted to get ready for filming his own biopic of another legendary gay musician. Rocketman producer Matthew Vaughn was the one to recommend him to look how to film the music-themed biopics before the work on Sir Elton John’s story could begin. Fletcher was not an experienced director and Bryan singer, who was directing the Bohemian Rhapsody, was sacked when the movie was almost ready, so he could only get a lesson of how it should be without a fear of spoiling something because of his poor filmmaking experience. “It was a good boot camp—same period, the costume designer [Julian Day] was the same,” Fletcher told “It was like, ‘OK, go do this, get your feet wet, get yourself ready’—which it did, it got me match ready.” Fletcher’s Rocketman is set to be released on May 17 and will tell the story of Elton John’s rise to fame in the 1970s. Fletcher denied gossips that a gay sex scene was going to be censored from the film to lower its age rating.


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