80% of Chinese queer youth are depressed


Around 85% of LGBTQ students in China are facing mental health issues in almost a half of cases these issues lead to suicide attempts, if to believe the poll conducted by Beijing Normal University and analyzed by Chinese news site Caixin Global. More than 700 LGBTQ students from 29 provinces were polled. The survey found more than 80% of respondents had come out to someone, but three quarters had not told their parents, other relatives or teachers. Only 2.9% of those who came out to teachers received support from them. The report found having a more inclusive school climate and more school resources, in particular positive LGBTQ role models, improved LGBTQ students’ mental health. China decriminalized homosexual acts in 1997, but LGBTQ communities in the country have been subjected to censorship and discrimination under the Communist government.


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