American company is under investigation because of ‘gaydar’


A company in Monmouth County, New Jersey is being investigated by the state’s division on civil rights after a comment was allegedly made to one of the workers, who was a lesbian. The civil rights division announced a finding of probable cause against Metropolitan Healthcare Billing on May 9th showed that the behavior of co-workers towards their lesbian colleague was enough to conclude that the working atmosphere was hostile for her. The comment was reportedly made during a staff meeting in front of a new employee who did not know she was gay, but she still felt uncomfortable about it. She later complained to her supervisor, who told her that as she was making jokes about her sexuality herself, she did not look like a person to be upset because of the word ‘gaydar’ . She then reportedly went to human resources about the issue, however, she discovered that the director of the department was her supervisor’s sister. When she asked to speak to the owner of the company, she claimed she was fired.


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