Californians removed their kids from schools because of LGBT-inclusive lessons


Hundreds of children were pulled from their northern Californian schools in a sign of protest from parents who oppose LGBT-inclusive curriculum. The LGBT-inclusive curriculum was introduced at a heated school-board meeting on May 1 that went on past midnight. The Californian school-district trustees narrowly approved the new curriculum in a 3-2 vote, after hours of public comment. It will mean that the contribution of LGBT people in history and social life is going to be mentioned during the history and social science classes starting from the 2nd grade, but not all parents were excited about these changes. Parents opposing the new curriculum said that elementary schoolchildren are “too young” to learn about historical LGBT+ people, even though sexual aspect is not going to be mentioned, nobody talked about LGBT-inclusive biology lessons. Nearly 1,000 parents signed a petition asking for the decision on the new curriculum to be postponed, and if it is not done they simply won’t let their kids attend school


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