Football pundit denies making a gay pejorative remark


Mark Robinson, who co-hosts Australian Fox show AFL 360, came under fire for allegedly addressing Carlton players as ‘gay boys’. One social media user asked: “Is ‘hey gay boys let’s go’ an acceptable thing to say on 360?” Another added: “I’m usually the last person to pile on over stuff especially language but Mark Robinson’s ‘hey gay boys’ quip tonight is utterly shameful and reprehensible language.” Robinson has denied using the word “gay” and has said ‘go, boys,’ but was misheard. Several fans have said “hey go boys, lets go” is actually a senseless tautology, so this excuse does not see, convincible. One social media users added: “That doesn’t even make sense ‘hey go boys lets go’? I think you gotta own up to this one.”


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