Police arrest more people in connection with Lyra McKee death


Police are questioning four men, including a teenage boy, in Northern Ireland in connection with the death of the lesbian journalist and writer. The men—aged 15, 18, 38 and 51—were arrested in County Derry on May 9th. McKee’s death is investigated as a terroristic attack. Detective Superintendent Jason Murphy said that the arrests were made as part of a morning operation. “Detectives carried out searches at four houses in the city and arrested four people in connection with the violence which was orchestrated on the streets of Creggan on the evening of Lyra McKee’s murder,” he said, according to the Guardian, thanking people for supporting the investigation. More than 140 people have submitted images, video footage or other information to assist with the enquiry. McKee died on April 18 after being fatally shot trying to make a report about riots in Creggan, Derry. The New IRA took responsibility for the gunfire, which it said was aimed at police.


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