Pose star Indya Moore draws people’s attention to sex trafficking


The transgender actress herself got into sex trafficking ordeal when she was a teen and she decided to open up about it because many of people don’t believes that such a barbaric thing as sex trafficking exists and thrives in modern society. Moore recalled in the interview with Elle her foster mother—who was also trans—cut off her access to hormone replacement therapy when she was 16.As she tried to seek help online, one quite suspicious (from the current point of view) Facebook group offered her a helping hand, which she accepted, though she had no idea that she was getting into a big mess. They told her that they would give her money for her hormone replacement therapy, but said she would have to “play” with men continuously to be able to afford it . That experience came to an end over a year later when she was attacked by the group over a dispute over her hormone therapy. It made her attempt suicide but thank God she survived.  


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