Drag queen Nina West released a music album for children


The Columbus, Ohio-based drag star, real name Andrew Levitt, announced upcoming album Drag is Magic, and explained that it is planned as a surprise for the youngest audience. The album, set for release tomorrow (May 17) is a sign of protest against blocking the drag queen storytelling events in the American libraries. West wanted to show that kids going to love drag queens, it is not something done to terrify or confuse them, these are just adults who don’t betray childhood love to laying, singing, dancing, dressing up and having fun all the time. “It’s based on RuPaul’s principle: Everything you wear is drag. It’s not a bad word. It’s a subcultural art form, but it’s being so adopted by people, so it’s ok for kids who are curious about what it is to consider dress-up drag!” the performer told Entertainment Weekly. The album’s tracks include “The Drag Alphabet”, “The Reading song” and “Go Big, Be Kind, Be You.” As for an album for adults, iyt is in plans for the nearest future


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