Education magazine TES lost one of the columnists because of the anti-trans row


A columnist has resigned from education magazine TES to protest a front-page feature that listed a resource from Transgender Trend, a non-profit group known for its opposition to the trans rights. TES had published a front-page feature in Friday’s (May 10) edition on trans issues in the educational sphere. The feature, written by teacher and ‘gender critical’ campaigner Debbie Hayton, evaluated a number of resources for schools and added: “In my view, it is the Transgender Trend guide that is most consistent with [safeguarding law].” The print article included a list of resources that directed teachers to the Transgender Trend schools resource pack, which faced a lot of criticism from both educational experts and LGBT rights campaigners. The feature has led to the resignation of TES columnist Natasha Devon, who is also founder of the Mental Health media charter.In a statement on Twitter, Devon said she had been “concerned for some months” about TES‘ stance on trans issues.


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