Judge praised parents who let trans daughter wear a skirt to school


When social services found out that the parents were allowing their daughter to express her gender the way she wants, they wanted to take her and her siblings away from mom and dad. However, Mr Justice Williams said in court that the girl’s gender identity was not a sign that parents are bad. Vice versa, if they accept and support their child, they deserve nothing but respect for it. The child—who was referred to as ‘H’ in court—is four years old. Social workers claimed that her realization that she was a girl was “actively encouraged” by her parents. They also accused the parents of being “resistant to acknowledging any potential disadvantage” of the premature transition. Despite initially recommending that the child be removed from her parents’ care, social services backtracked when they received glowing expert reports about their parenting skills. However, the girl’s parents felt that there was “a cloud of suspicion hanging over them” as a result of the attention from social services, and wanted to take the matter to court. The judge said that she had suffered no harm or ill-effects because of her transition at a young age, and added that from the scientific point of view they tried to prevent the girl from the potential harm. Furthermore, he said that ‘H’ was prospering, as were the couple’s other children, and said it was “overwhelmingly obvious” that they were good parents.


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