Louis Theroux talks about ‘situational homosexuality’


Documentary maker Louis Theroux has said that “situational homosexuality” was common when he attended a boarding school for men. The BBC presenter was appearing on Desert Island Discs on Sunday (May 12) when he compared life at the elite Westminster School to prison because he believes sexual activity between men (even if they did not initially identify as gay) was common for male-only spaces. “There’s something about a lot of males, be they boys or men, in a confined space. Something about the improvised physical fabric, which is all higgledy-piggledy. And then… I hesitate to say this… a certain level of situational homosexuality. Which I think, I hope I’m not scandalizing anyone, is relatively common, definitely in prison and to an extent in all-male boarding schools,” he said, adding that there are many other similarities. Theroux previously spent time with transgender children and members of the most homophobic church for other projects.


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