Lyra McKee’s partner addressed Theresa May asking for marriage equality


Sara Canning, the partner of killed journalist Lyra McKee, has revealed she made a personal plea to Prime Minister Theresa May to intervene in the issue of marriage equality being recognized in Northern Ireland. Sara Canning will address the crowd in front of Belfast City Hall at the event, organized by the Love Equality campaign on Saturday, May 18. Lyra’s friends promised to march in her memory the same day. Speaking ahead of the event, Canning revealed that she had made a personal plea to Prime Minister Theresa May at Lyra’s funeral, saying the two planned to get engaged abroad before Lyra died and if it was legal in their own country, they could have been in time at least to marry before she was gone. “If the politicians won’t legislate for equal marriage at Stormont, then the Prime Minister should do it at Westminster. That’s what I told Theresa May at Lyra’s funeral. I wanted her to know that Lyra and I had a right to be treated as equal citizens in our own country. Surely that’s not too much to ask? Myself and lots of Lyra’s friends and family are going to be marching for marriage equality. We hope people will come and join us,” Canning said.


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