Pete Buttigieg gave an encouraging speech to LGBT campaigners


In a speech to LGBT+ campaigners at a Human Rights Campaign dinner in Las Vegas on May 11th the gay Democratic politician said he was taken aback by the level of support he has received as he announced his Presidential bid, for him it is a sign that his country is definitely ready for changes he wants to bring if he gets a power. “I may be part of the LGBTQ community, but being a gay man doesn’t tell me what it’s like to be a trans woman of color in that same community, let alone an undocumented mother of four, or a disabled veteran, or a displaced auto worker,” he said, adding that being gay still means that there is a story he can tell to explain why we are all equal. “And if I look to that story, I can find the building blocks not only for empathy, but for the impetus for action. The more you know about exclusion, the more you think about belonging, and we have a crisis of belonging in this country,” he concluded.


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