Primark launches a new Pride collection


Even though the last year rainbow-themed collection of Primark sparked backlash, this year the brand decided to give it one more try. Last year Primark was criticized for selling its collection in countries where being LGBT is highly socially disapproved and wearing something rainbow-colored can easily provoke a homophobic attack, even though they insisted that they were acting in accordance with the international standards and their longtime partners, Stonewall, believed so too . Now they decided to correct this mistake. The retailer has partnered with ILGA World, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, to create the “Feeling Proud” collection. Primark’s Director of People and Culture, Ciara Ruane added: “We’re proud to partner with ILGA World this year to support their work as an advocate for LGBTI rights”.


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