Trump supporter demands Brian Sims to prove his sexuality


MAGA activist Brenden Dilley questioned sexuality of the Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims in a quite rude manner. Dilley, who has appeared on Trump-supporting actress Roseanne Barr’s YouTube show, claimed in a video: “This dude’s not f**king gay. Sims doesn’t like the d**k.” He added that Sims might pretend to be gay because this is how he could always find an argument against someone who disagreed with him by accusing this person of homophobia. “We should f**king demand we see him suck a d**k before we’ll believe he’s gay. You’re not gay, dude. Suck a d**k. I don’t believe you, I think you’re just pretending to do it. A gay guy would do it. Suck a d**k. Go.” We are not surprised that Mr. Sims refused to comment it anyhow.


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