80 percent of LGBT people admit advantages of dating apps


A new survey from dating app Tinder has found that 80 percent of LGBT+ people considered their impact on their community as extremely positive. 46 percent said it had provided more diversity in people they could date. 36 percent said it had provided them with the opportunity to get acquainted with someone from a different cultural or racial background. Meanwhile, the survey also found that 82 percent of LGBT+ adults believe there is less stigma attached to their identity than it used to be a few years ago. It also revealed that 38 percent of LGBT+ adults did not formally come out, and 40 percent of LGBT+ adults said coming out had become less important due to LGBT identity being relatively normalized in society. 43 percent of LGBT+ adults said it was important that people they date be involved and interested in community issues. They also polled LGBT+ people on what issues they felt were most impacting their community today, with bullying, youth suicide and transgender rights appearing as the biggest issues. The survey also revealed that more LGBT+ people are comfortable with public displays of affection than before. 67 percent said they would be comfortable hugging on a date. 57 percent said they would be comfortable holding hands and 44 percent were comfortable with kissing in public. 64 percent of LGBT+ women were comfortable holding hands in public with a partner, compared to 51 percent of men.


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