Nigel Farage still thinks UK is not a place for people with HIV


In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on May 12 the politician was asked to comment his own remarks made back in 2014, when he was the leader of UKIP. By then he said that HIV+ people should have been forbidden to enter the UK. And according to the current interview, Farage, who is now a leader of the Brexit Party, still holds on to this belief. Andrew Marr asked: “Do you still feel that people with HIV shouldn’t be allowed into this country?” Farage responded: “Do I think the National Health Service is there for British people? Yes, I absolutely do.” The Brexit Party leader, who has not released a manifesto ahead of the European Elections was also pressed over his past statements that the UK should move to an insurance-based healthcare system and allow people to own handguns. In respond to this he could only criticize Mr. Marr for being ‘unprepared to talk about what is happening today’ and called the whole interview ‘ridiculous’.


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