Steven Anderson was not allowed to enter Ireland


Anti-LGBT preacher Steven Anderson—who has gained a reputation for his extreme anti-gay and anti-Semitic views—was scheduled to preach in Dublin later this month, and even that fact that the EU forbade him to enter the Schengen area was not a reason for him to change his plans. However, the country’s justice minister Charlie Flanagan announced that Mr. Anderson’s views are contrary the public policy of Ireland. Under exclusion legislation in Ireland, the Minister for Justice can ban somebody from entering the country if they consider it “necessary in the interest of national security or public policy.” The ban makes Anderson the first person banned from entering the Republic of Ireland by exclusion powers that were first introduced in 1999, according to The Irish Times. Anderson’s ban comes after weeks of pressure from LGBT+ activists. A petition calling on the Irish government to ban him from entering the country has been signed by more than 14,000 people.


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