Anti-LGBT crime rates in France are at the record high


2018 was the worst year on record in France for anti-LGBT+ attacks, according to charity SOS Homophobie, who called it “a dark year.” And the actual amount is much higher, because the charity is able to count only those cases it has been reported about. And not all people report to the human rights groups about being attacked. 231 physical attacks on members of the LGBT+ community were reported to SOS Homophobie in 2018. Before now, the worst year on record was 2013, during which the charity recorded 188 anti-LGBT+ attacks, which is 66% more than a year before. SOS Homophobie collected 1,905 separate statements from people who had witnessed anti-gay attacks, up 15 percent from the previous year. 62 percent of those who experienced anti-LGBT+ attacks said it was linked to rejection. Meanwhile, 51 percent said they were targeted with insults, 38 percent discrimination and 20 percent experienced harassment. 13 percent were linked to physical assaults.


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