Dana international sends LGBT-supportive message from the Eurovision stage


The Eurovision 1998 winner, a native Israeli, comes back to this stage 21 years on, as the contest came to her native land again. And as a transgender woman she wanted to attract people’s attention to the problem of LGBT rights. She performed a song ‘Just The Way You Are’ by the USA singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. The idea of the song is that Bruno’s lyric character tells some girl who does not believe in her own beauty that she is amazing and unbelievable just the way she is, he admires her hair, her smile, her eyes and says that the whole world cannot take their eyes of her and she does not even see it. These words sang on Dana’s behalf were devoted to girls like her, whose beauty and femininity is still hidden and they are afraid to show it. But they know that they are women, very beautiful women, whose radiant beauty will light up the whole wide world if they only let it shine. We are all equal, but we are all unique. We are all different, but we are all the same. There are different views on what beauty is, but there are no people who are not beautiful.


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