One of the biggest AIDS fundraising events is to be halted


Vienna’s Life Ball, one of the world’s biggest fundraising events for people with HIV and AIDS, will be held for the last time this year, if to believe the former make-up artist Gery Keszler, who was one of the main organizers of this event 26 years ago. But now the situation is different and having HIV\AIDS does not mean you are going to die, this disease is dangerous, it is incurable, but it is not deadly. This news is really amazing and this is exactly what the organizers of the ball fought for. But on the other side of the coin now it became harder to find sponsors for HIV\AIDS, as there are more other diseases that are more dangerous and the money spent on the ball itself is no longer justified. The ball has attracted celebrities like Elton John, Vivienne Westwood and former US President Bill Clinton, along with 45,000 spectators each year. “They were incredible, fantastic and intense years. We achieved more than we ever dared hope. I am so eternally grateful. It is now time to bring this project to a fitting conclusion,” Keszler added of the ball’s success.


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