School for trans kids in Chile helps them to avoid bullying


For more than a year, Amaranta School in Chile works for transgender kids only as its aim is to educate children without putting them at risk of being hurt, abused and bullied, which is unfortunately almost impossible to avoid if trans children are studying alongside their cis peers in Chile. The school is named after Mexican transgender politician Amaranta Gómez Regalado and the majority of students are trans. Less than 4% of students are cis, they are either siblings or close friends of trans kids and they refused to study separately from them. Many children who come out as transgender in Chile stop going to school out of fear, so Amaranta was originally created to allow them to take their state exams. Chile is a strongly Roman Catholic country and only made it legally possible to divorce in 2004, and LGBT+ children often face bullying and discrimination in traditional schools.


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