Support of same-sex marriages in the USA stalls


Pew Research Center asked more than 1500 individuals across the USA about their opinion concerning marriage equality. Results of the polling, published on May 14th showed no significant difference in comparison to previous few years, but if to look from a long-term perspective, the changes are immense. I n 2017, 62 percent of Americans expressed support for same-sex marriage—the highest percentage on record—while 32 percent opposed it. In 2019, that divide has remained the same, with 61 percent approving of same-sex marriage and 31 percent disapproving. The finding is confirms a reversal in attitudes towards same-sex marriage expressed just 15 years ago, when only one American in three was ready to support marriage equality. Differences along party lines have remained largely unchanged from 2017—roughly three-quarters of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents support marriage equality, but fewer than half of Republicans and Republican leaners do. Deepening divisions among segments of the American population emerge instead when looking at attitudes to same-sex marriage across age (the younger –the more supportive) and gender (women are traditionally more likely to support same-sex marriage than men).


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