There is now a third gender option in Austria


An Austrian intersex activist has been issued non-binary documents featuring a third gender option, which the first such case in history of this European country. Alex Jürgen, age 42, has been fighting for years to be officially recognized as neither male nor female. This battle can be considered won on May 14th, when Alex received their new documents. Jürgen’s passport now features “X” as the gender marker, while their birth certificate uses the term “divers,” which can be roughly translated from German as “miscellaneous” or “other.” And this case is life-changing not only for this particular person but for all the non-binary Austrians, because it creates a legal precedent that makes it possible to apply the X gender marker in the official documents further. For the birth certificate, the court declared the terms “inter,” “open” and “divers” to be acceptable, but Austrian Minister of Interior Herbert Kickl decided in December that civil registries should only use the term “divers” to identify a third gender option, which can only be recognized when the individual presents a certificate from a panel of doctors attesting to their intersexuality.


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