Gay Labour MP says that parents who protest against LGBT-inclusive education should know better


Openly gay Labour MP Wes Streeting said conservative parents protesting inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) in primary schools “should know better.” By that he meant that many protesting parents are Muslims, and Muslims in the UK are also a minority, a religious minority, discrimination against which is unfortunately still rife, so they should understand how gay people feel when they discriminate against them. Any discrimination is bad – homophobia is bad, transphobia is bad, biphobia is bad, Islamophobia is bad, racism is bad, sexism is bad, ableism is bad etc. – but what is even worse, is when one minority discriminates against another minority instead of giving a helping hand to stand up to hate in any shape together. Streeting said: “I’ve got some bad news for the parents holding up placards saying, ‘We are not homophobic.’ You’re standing alongside people making those statements, talking about proselytising to children, the homosexual agenda, promiscuity. If you are a perpetrator of that language, if you are a bystander to that language, I’m afraid you’re homophobic. And my message to them is: You should know better.”


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