Mexican singer and actor Vicente Fernandez refused liver transplantation because the donor could be gay


Vicente Fernandez said in a recent interview he refused a liver transplant fearing the donor could be addicted to drugs or gay. If a fear of a drug addict donor is understandable (although unreasonable, because potential donors undergo blood test and they are not allowed to donate organs if something is wrong), for the majority of people it is unclear how the person’s sexuality could be related to their ability to donate organs. In the interview, Fernandez recalled receiving a liver cancer diagnosis while he was on tour in Houston, Texas. He then stopped the tour, but when the doctors recommended him a liver transplant, he said ‘no’. “I’m not going to sleep next to my wife with another dude’s liver.’” he said he told the doctors, adding: “I don’t know if he was gay or a drug addict.” We still don’t understand how having a liver of a gay person in one’s body could mean something when one sleeps next to his wife. The interviewer reacted with laughter and did not press him further on the topic, simply letting him carry on. Fernandez said he left the hospital as soon as he could, but the surgery was still required and now he feels relatively good.


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