Batwoman trailer showed the main character’s lesbianism clearly


The trailer—which was debuted at The CW’s upfronts last week—follows Kate Kane (played by an out lesbian OITNB star Ruby Rose), cousin to Bruce Wayne, as she begins to discover that she also has superpowers. The story will follow Kane as she is sent away from Gotham City by her father, Jacob Kane. When she returns, she discovers that her female beloved Sophie Moore has been kidnapped by a gang. Kane must then take up where her cousin Bruce left off. In the trailer, Kane asks for Bruce Wayne’s suit to be adjusted to fit a woman instead. Her father later declares that she is just a female version of Bruce, and she accepts it as a compliment. Later in the trailer, Kane declares: “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work,” before altering her suit to make it clear that she has her own superpowers, Bruce has his own, they are both cool, but they are not the same, she is who she is. Batwoman will be the first openly LGBT+ live-action superhero to lead its own show. Australian actress Ruby Rose made a successful debut as Kate Kane in December’s CW “Elseworlds” crossover event.


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