Homophobia in sport should be treated seriously


Nine out of 10 LGBT+ people said that they consider homophobia and transphobia in sport to be a very serious issue. The EU-funded Outsport project, which aims to address homophobia and transphobia in sport, surveyed 5,500 LGBT+ people between 16 and 78 years of age living across all 28 EU countries. Professor Ilse Hartmann-Tews, head of research at Outsport, said that they did not have enough evidence to form a statistics about the anti-LGBT discrimination in sport, so they applied to the LGBT community directly to collect the evidence via the survey method. Of the participants who were currently active in a sport, 16 percent of them reported a negative experience in the last 12 months linked to their sexual orientation or gender identity. But the figure shows three time rise (46%) when it comes to transgender women. These negative experiences most commonly involved verbal insults or slurs (82 percent), discrimination (75 percent) or verbal threats (45 percent) and physical violence (20 percent). In 49 percent of the cases involving negative experiences, the perpetrators of abuse or discrimination were the victims’ own team members, while in another 36 percent of the cases the abuse came from members of an opposing team.


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