SNP MP Mhairi Blackv asks people to stop transphobia


Mhairi Black has said that transgender people face “appalling levels of prejudice and discrimination”, and this is how she started her parliament speech devoted to Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. She said that people often ask, for example, how to treat a person who abused his (a male pronoun is used not to offend but to specify that this person did not live as a woman before and did not reveal their trans identity) wife or girlfriend and then transitioned into a woman and asked for a refuge. The MP insists on not over-dramatizing and treating the woman the same as if it was a cis lesbian or bi woman who abused her female p0artner and then asked for a refuge. “People have a right to express legitimate concerns and questions. But what I’m saying just now is either we’re witnessing an open attack on rights that are already established in law, or we’re seeing a worrying level of ignorance,” she said, adding that people who are responsible for abuse are abusers, any of them, male or female, trans or cis, they should be punished for a wrongdoing. Cis men are more commonly abusing their partners, but it is not a reason to treat any person assigned as male at birth as a potential abuser.


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