70% of LGBT employees are sexually harassed at work


A new report has found that seven in ten LGBT people have experienced some form of sexual harassment while at work. The report, published by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), found that two-thirds of those who reported being sexually harassed at work did not even tell their bosses about the incidents, let alone applying to the police, because many of them are in closet at work and they are afraid of their sexuality\gender identity being publicly revealed. The survey, which marks the first major study into LGBT sexual harassment at work in Great Britain, also found that more than two in five LGBT people had encountered unwelcome comments and questions from their colleagues referring to their intimate life and sexuality. Over one fifth (21 per cent) of LGBT women reported experiencing sexual assault, such as unwanted touching or attempts to kiss them. One in eight (12 per cent) LGBT women said they had been seriously sexually assaulted or raped at work, compared to one in fourteen (7 per cent) of men.


  1. It would very relevant, wouldn’t it, to be told how these incidents divide between gay employees and trans employees? But we’re not told; presumably to keep us in the belief that gay and trans are the same thing.


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