Ariana Grande surprised fans in Texas gay bar


The prominent LGBT ally was in San Antonio with her tour when she decided to drop by HEAT nightclub to enjoy a quick performance by drag queen Miss Toni Andrews on May 15th. Andrews was not planning to perform any Ariana Grande songs that night, but as the singer herself came, the drag performer was happy to change plans and to honor her. “I was like, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’” Andrews told KENS5. “I just said, ‘Bitch, get into it, get into it. Bring out your inner JLo, Madonna, Ariana, Rihanna—everything.” So the music starts, [and] it is a mash-up I could hear her little voice, ‘Yas, queen!’ I could hear it. I could hear it.” Andrews read about Grande as an ally before, but seeing the verbal support confirmed with actions really excited her. Apparently, Grande was so into the performance that she bowed down to Andrews and left her a tip. Andrews and another performer, Nilaya even made it onto Grande’s Instagram story.


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