Chicago couple was kicked out of the restaurant for cuddling


Kendall Anderson and his boyfriend, Peder Sevig, were with a group of friends at the Big Boy Gyros restaurant in Chicago when a man came up to them and told them to leave. When they asked why, they were told that it was because they hugged each other. Anderson told CBS Chicago that the man, who they believed to be an employee at the family-run restaurant, said that people of ‘their kind’ are not welcomed at the venue anyway. The couple, who both attend Lane Tech High School across the road from the restaurant, told CBS Chicago: “He said something to the effect of if it was a guy and a girl it would be okay, but we can’t allow two boys.” The man who the students said was involved told CBS reporters that he was just a customer and staff and refused to give further comments. An email sent by the school to parents and students said the incident would be “addressed in person by Lane Tech’s administration.” They expressed solidarity with their students who were discriminated against and condemned people responsible for it.


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