Israeli activists celebrated Madonna with a same-sex love photo


Activists in Israel have recreated an iconic photo which shows a Jewish woman and a Muslim woman about to kiss to celebrate Madonna arriving to their country to perform at Eurovision. Photographer Ziv Sade went viral four years ago when he shared a photo of a Jewish man and a Muslim man about to kiss. The photo was later shared by Madonna online to promote the Rebel Heart era in her creativity. Sade and Israeli LGBT+ activists decided to recreate the powerful image to celebrate Madonna arriving in Tel Aviv. The women on the picture are LGBT campaigners and they are a real couple. “We wanted to have another chance to show love has no limits and no walls, love can break down barriers and preconceived notions,” said the photographer. He explained that he visited Israel earlier this month from Los Angeles and connected with one of the models for the original picture and he was the one who first verbally expressed the idea of female version. “Our goal with this photo was to continue the discussion about our relationships with religion and cultures and trying to bridge the gap with love,” the photographer added.


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