Birmingham head teacher faces threats because of LGBT-inclusive education


The head teacher of Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson has said she is receiving phone threats and hateful emails as she allowed LGBT-inclusive lessons to take place in her school. If to believe the report from BBC news, the police of Birmingham have already started an investigation. She said she feels “embarrassment for lots of our community and our parents who think this is just awful what’s happening; frustration that it’s going on so long; frustration that great British laws like ‘you can protest peacefully’ actually are causing us a problem.” Hewitt-Clarkson called these protests too loud and aggressive. “Equality is a real strength of ours, the children talk about it all the time,” the head teacher previously said, “We want to usualize the language of equality.” Hewitt-Clarkson added: “I am utterly passionate about all equality probably because I am a woman and, as an educator, I think if I don’t educate about these things then who will?”


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