Dustin Lance Black says buggy story at his husband’s dive as ‘PR spin’


Dustin Lance Black, husband of Tom Daley, has hit out at British Swimming and said a statement released by the organization yesterday about their ongoing dispute. Black revealed on Twitter over the weekend that he was not allowed to support his husband during a diving event. Black posted a series of tweets in which he called British Swimming organizers “cruel” and “thoughtless” and said they had created a situation that was “neither safe not welcoming” for them. British Swimming subsequently released a statement in which they claimed that the dispute had occurred when Black was told he was not allowed to bring his son’s buggy. Black has since posted a number of additional tweets in which he said that the situation had “little to nothing to do with a pram.”“I never asked to bring one in,” Black wrote, “and we certainly had no interest in being poolside with one. Anyone there plainly saw that our son was on my lap. This pram story is a lie British Swimming is telling.”


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