Comedian Joe Lycett called out anti-LGBT politician


The comic spoke out after Roger Godsiff, the MP for Birmingham Hall Green, who has previously expressed concerns about primary schoolers being taught about LGBT issues because he considers them to be too young to know it. Joe Lycett, who is pansexual and lives in the Godsiff’s constituency, reached out to the MP in a letter. He started from a greeting and saying that he was addressing this MOP for the second time in his life. The first one was in 2013, when the comedian asked the politician not to vote against same-sex marriages, but this request was ignored. Lycett emphasized that LGBT-inclusive lessons in primary schools do not mean that children will be taught about sex, they will be taught that there are different kinds of relationships and families, that is all. Lycett continued: “Despite you voting against it, gay marriage is now legal. I have since been to some really fun gay weddings and also some incredibly boring ones (no offence to Deb and Claire, but the speeches were unbearable). But they were all loving, joyous and normal”. He added tha5t these are not just words and he would be happy to show it to Mr. Godsiff in practice, so he invited him to spend some time in the gay village.


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