Gay rights pioneer Michael Cashman leaves the party


Stonewall co-founder Michael Cashman has announced his resignation from the Labour Party, adding that he endorsed Lib Dems in the wake of the European elections. Lord Cashman, who sits as a Labour peer in the House of Lords, called on voters to back the Liberal Democrats to prevent Brexit. “I can’t trust Corbyn or the people around him on the defining issue in postwar Britain so on Thursday I will not be voting for the Labour Party,” he wrote, “As [former Conservative] Matthew Paris said, I am not a Liberal Democrat, but I support their absolute consistency. Voting Libdem in the EU elections.” He added that this decision left him heartbroken but he still thinks it was right because there are changes that cannot be ignored. The peer, who previously sat on the Labour Party’s executive committee, added that he “knows the repercussions” for his actions under party rules, which ban members from supporting rival parties.


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