Philippines congress is accused of irresponsibility because of same-sex marriage poll


LGBT+ groups criticized the congress of Philippines for conducting an online poll to find out what is the opinion of people about the legal approval of same-sex unions. The poll, which is not a referendum or legally binding, was put up unannounced on the congress website to gauge public opinion on the civil partnership bill which is currently pending. Currently there are no legal protections for LGBT+ people at a national level in the Philippines, and same-sex couples have no legal options to have their relationships legally recognized so far. According to the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment organization ABS-CBN “they skipped on calling the proposal a ‘same-sex marriage’ bill to respect religious sensibilities.” “Among the provisions contained in the bill are a couple’s legal and civil rights, such as inheritance, custody over children, spousal benefits, and insurance and retirement benefits.” If people support legal recognition of same-sex relationships, they should pick an option that would “give equal civil rights to same-sex couples.” The argument against civil partnerships for same-sex couples is that it separates them from opposite-sex couples by giving them a different process and ceremony. Civil partnerships are usually not considered marriage equality.


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