Protests at Scottish Parliament against an anti-trans writer


Prominent Canadian anti-trans feminist Meghan Murphy spoke at the Scottish Parliament on May 22nd. Murphy, 39, was invited to speak at the Scottish Parliament by Scottish National Party MP Joan McAlpine. McAlpine came under fire earlier this month for asking Murphy, a vocal opponent of trans rights, to speak about women’s rights and trans impact on them. Sisters Uncut Edinburgh, the intersectional feminist direct-action group that organized the protest for the voices that are not usually heard. We have had enough of trans women being used as a scapegoat for issues that are really the consequences of living in a patriarchal society. Our protest was an encouraging, accommodating and safe environment for people to share very raw and personal stories about the reality of women’s (trans and cis) and non-binary people’s rights in Scotland today,” say the protesters who hope to challenge Ms. Murphy’s views they call bigoted. The rally included a range of talks from different speakers covering women’s rights and the rights of survivors of domestic and gender-based violence in Scotland.


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