Taiwan Premier warns staff not to discriminate against same-sex couples


Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang has warned registration office staff to avoid making discriminatory comments about same-sex couples who will come to register their marriage, which is now legally possible, as Taiwan has recently become the first Asian country to have same-sex marriages recognized by the state. Legislators voted for a government-backed bill that would define a union between a same-sex couple as a marriage. Conservative opponents had proposed rival bills that would define partnerships as “same-sex unions” or “same-sex familial relationships,” but they did not work out and same-sex marriages are legal in Taiwan starting from May 24th. Speaking at a weekly Cabinet meeting, Su said: “I would like to ask public servants to lead by example. Regardless of what your religion is and the values you believe in, please treat every couple registering for marriage equally and give them your blessing when providing relevant administrative services”. She underlined that discriminatory actions or words should never be exhibited


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