Brazil’s top court is to criminalize anti-LGBT discrimination


The Supreme Court of Brazil has voted to make homophobia and transphobia a crime, as the country is under a serious threat of hate crimes. The remaining five judges are yet to vote, but the result will remain unchanged – the new law will be enacted only if all 5 judges give their approval to it. “This is a day I never thought would come, especially with the president we have now,” Afonso Nogueira, a 36-year-old electrical engineer, told Los Angeles Times, adding that he and his fiancé (they are planning to marry abroad later this year) are sick and tired of threats against them, but the authorities don’t treat them seriously enough, so they sincerely hope that the new law is going to change it. Judges on the Brazilian Supreme Court are voting on two cases, brought by Brazilian rights group ABGLT and the Popular Socialist Party, which asked the court to acknowledge that the failure of Brazil’s Congress to criminalise violence against LGBT+ people is “unconstitutional” and to set a deadline for legal reform.


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