Alabama to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses


The Alabama House of Representatives voted for the change in response to a handful of probate judges who opposed same-sex marriages and wanted to be legally able to deny same-sex couples in marriage licenses. About six of Alabama’s 68 probate judges made the decision after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in 2015. Under state law, they are able to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples if they want, but they are no longer demanded to do so. Under the bill passed by the house on May 23rd. Couples wishing to get wed would no longer require a license, instead they will submit a form that is later to be transformed into marriage certificate. Probate judges would be legally required to accept and record the documents. It also removes the requirement for a couple to be “solemnized” by a minster or other qualified person, separating marriage from religion. The House passed the bill 67-26. It will now go before Governor Kay Ivey to be signed into law.


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