Martina Navratilova will present her views on trans athletes on BBC


Trans Athletes: A Fair Playing Field?, a new BBC documentary exploring the debate concerning transgender people in sport, is presented by a lesbian tennis player-turned-coach who has been a longtime vocal opponent of transgender inclusion in the female sports. The BBC film will follow Navratilova as she meets a range of athletes, scientists and sporting officials to discuss whether they consider trans inclusion in sport appropriate or not. Navratilova hopes that the documentary—which will air later this month – is going to make both sides of the debates more aware about the actual situation with transgender athletes to reach a certain compromise that would make everybody happy. During the film, Navratilova meets Joanna Harper, a trans runner and medical physicist who advises the International Olympic Committee on gender. It also features contributions from Sharron Davies, the former swimmer who is also against trans women in female sports.


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