Trump administration wants to go further in elimination of trans healthcare rights


The Trump administration has filed a 204-page proposed regulation that would roll back health care protections for transgender people. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a document on May 24th, demanding to remove gender identity from governmental healthcare policies completely. The draft rule would reverse protections in the Affordable Care Act made by the Obama administration in 2016 that incorporated gender identity into discrimination “on the basis of sex.” Rather than including transgender patients, the term “sex” would now be open to interpretation in favor to removing the transgender healthcare protections launched by the administration of the previous POTUS Barack Obama. The HHS said the redefinition was necessary because “a federal court found they were unlawful and exceeded Congress’s mandate.” It added that the new rule would allow the words to be used “using their plain meaning when they were written, instead of attempting to redefine sex discrimination to include gender identity and termination of pregnancy.”


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