Ben Lewis thinks that queer superheroes should be played by queer actors


Arrow actor Ben Lewis thinks it’d be a “missed opportunity” if Marvel Studios introduces a gay main superhero character in one of their movies without casting a gay actor for this role. In an exclusive interview with Attitude in its July issue, the 33-year-old explained that the franchise does a lot to be more diverse, but much more is still to be done, because diversity should be not only in a movie, but behind the scene, within the cast and crew. Being asked about whether actors’ sexuality should be a definitive factor, he replied that of course it should not and it will never be, but queer actors deserve to have more creative opportunities than they do now. “There are times when you have straight actors playing gay characters, such as Richard E Grant and Melissa McCarthy in Can You Ever Forgive Me? and you can’t imagine two better people for the roles,” the actor added, “I guess it’s up to the LGBTQ audience to decide. Either they see themselves represented in an authentic way or they don’t and if they don’t, it’s necessary to call it out.”


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