Maajid Nawaz shuts down radio caller who likened LGBT rights to domestic abuse


During Nawaz’s LBC show on May 25th the host ended a conversation with a caller during a talk about protests outside a primary school in Birmingham. The host, who is a Muslim himself, ensured that he did not believe that fighting for the rights of British Muslims should mean attacking the rights of another minority group in the country. After asking for listeners to weigh in on the debate, a caller called Joe rung in to speak with Nawaz. The caller insisted homosexuality was a behavior and teaching kids that it was okay, to his mind, would be the same as teaching them that it was okay to beat your wife. Nawaz was shocked and asked the listener whether he seriously meant it. He did. “You just decided it was okay to make the comparison and say that teaching somebody in school that gay people exist would be like teaching them it’s okay to beat your wife. And you think that’s just going to wash? You think people are that stupid that they will follow your trial of thought after that statement? Unbelievable,” Nawaz said and dropped the call.


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