Xavier Dolan calls out movie bosses for gay clichés


Canadian director Xavier Dolan does not like his drama Matthias & Maxime being described as a gay movie. Indeed, the main characters are two men falling in love with each other, but the filmmaker thinks that the full equality in queer representation will be reached only when it is not an issue to repeatedly emphasize and speculate on. Because when there is a movie about a man and a woman, nobody yells ‘Look, a movie about a boy and a girl! It is a heterosexual movie! A straight film! The main characters are an opposite-sex couple!’ It will sound totally ridiculous. So why is there such hype when it comes to gay couples in films? There are no movies about gay love or straight love, there are just movies about love, love is love, the director insists. Matthias & Maxime is Dolan’s eighth feature film which tells the story of two childhood BFFs who grow up and understand that there is something more than just friendship between them. We agree that full representation iss yet to be achieved if people still speculate on this issue so much, but if the public attention is not drawn to this issue, a full representation will only be something to dream of


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