Asia Kate Dillon suggested their John Wick 3 character is also non-binary


Non-binary actor Asia Kate Dillon proposed that their character in John Wick: Chapter 3 – The Parabellum should have the same gender identity. Dillon, who plays The Adjudicator in the latest installment of action series John Wick alongside Keanu Reeves, said that the character was originally written with gender specific pronouns (though there was still a question whether they would be male or female), but the actor suggested to rewrite all pronouns into ‘they\them’. “I went in, met with Chad [the John Wick director Chad Stahelski],” Dillon said in a New York Times interview. “And I said, ‘We have a real opportunity here, I’m a non-binary actor, there’s no reason that this character has to be a non-trans person, let’s make them non-binary.’” Keanu Reeves, in turn, suggested that The Adjudicator should not be armed, as they have a different kind of power, more quiet, but it does not mean they are weaker


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